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For many years, Country Music has been dominating Matt Walker Smith' life. It all began at the tender age of eleven years after getting a radio recorder as a birthday present. With this set he recorded every song he happened to hear on the radio.

The Johnny Cash song “The One On The Right Is On The Left” was one of them, a song which from then on was to bring about an essential change in his life fascinating him so much that he incessantly played it again and again from morning to night.

He just had to get hold of his first Johnny Cash LP. Other LPs followed, and after a few years his collection of Country records approached a four-figure number of pieces. While his friends of the same age were more in favor of pop music and German New Wave (NDW = “Neue Deutsche Welle”), the heart of Matt Walker was beating almost exclusively for Country Music.

But soon, however, the pieces of work pressed into vinyl did not fully satisfy him any longer. After attending a concert of the American Country singer Scotty Riggins, he developed his love for live music. But unfortunately, the opportunities to see such concerts came along just too rarely. So what was he to do?

The answer was very simple! When there is only little chance to listen to live music, you just have to perform music on your own. He got hold of his first guitar, learnt the first three chords (meanwhile, these are already four…) and retreated to the background in order to learn how to sing.

Doing this, he was heard by some of his colleagues at that time who promptly urged him to play at a barbecue. The same colleagues also invited him, some weeks later, to the “Blockhütte”, a popular Country & Western bar on the “Große Freiheit” in Hamburg. Here, his first public stage performance took place. He had “tasted blood”.

Through the help of Scotty Riggins, who provided him with song lyrics, he got to know the Country band “Seldom Sober” of Bremerhaven. Scotty had just joined the group as a singer and took Matt with him to many concerts in the US facilities in Bremerhaven and in the surroundings. This way, he also met the steel guitarist Hermann Lammers Meyer who was a member of “Seldom Sober”, too.

When, some weeks later, the band was looking for a possibility of transport for their equipment, Matt Walker Smith offered his services since a suitable vehicle was at his disposal. And so he began his career with “Seldom Sober” as a driver and roadie. When later on Scotty Riggins left the band at the beginning of the nineties, they searched for a new singer and they found him in the person of Matt Walker Smith who has been holding his own to the very day as band leader of “Seldom Sober”.

Over the years, he established contact with numerous other musicians of the Country scene and today he again and again is most welcome to appear as a guest artist at many concerts of national and international country stars such as “Emsland Hillbillies”, “Slow Horses”, “Kentucky-Five”, Dean Collins, Paul Mateki, Michael Ballew, Peter Caulton, Nils Tuxen, etc.

Furthermore, he now is also touring with a solo program featuring his most favored Country songs. Regrettably, he has not published a solo album yet but this is to change in the near future. Let`s see what happens…

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